Monday, May 14, 2012

Cras credemus, hodie nihil;

The few who pull the strings in the great world theater KNOW
Plebs are gullible; they believe the biggest lies, if  presented the right way, and over and over again. With the right amount of fear thrown in the recipe works all the time.  They swallow hook line and sinker.
Believe what politicians dish them up so they have been lied to all the time.
Believe in all sorts of religions, sects and other fairy tales which are thought out to keep control.
Believe  in Monarchies, and pay their good money for it to keep them going in the best of luxury conditions.
Believe in astrology;
Believe in Horoscopes; 
There is no end of cheat and it is all welcomed with open arms and dead brain cells.

Believe every Tom Dick and Harry when they bark nonsense  from a pulpit;
Believe in all the crap movies, sitcoms, music and songs that come out of Hollywood. They pay a lot of money to buy the trash, to feed their dead brain which is in agony as there is never real food for it.
Believe in the food they eat, which kills them slowly but for sure earlier then they anticipate.

Believe just about anything  that is spewed out by the news channels,  and town criers.

The world is a mess, but has it ever been an Eden?

You and I  are excluded!  ©Titania

Cras credemus, hodie nihil 
Tomorrow we believe, but not today;

Is this not absolutely clever;  tomorrow does not exist it is always today!  Ts

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