Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Si vis amari ama;

Love comes in many sizes, shapes and colours; Titania

...she came running  holding out a  a small stone;  I have found a Love Heart it is for you! 
My granddaughter, Fabrizia Chiara, 9 years old.

Si vis amari ama
If you want to be loved, love.

© Text/Photo Ts

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Festina lente;

Sunrise/my garden;

Take life slowly;
Have you lately seen, noticed, watched, felt;

The rising sun, its colour turning the morning for a second into  rosy,  golden streaks of light;
 dewy grass under your feet, slowly warming with the rising sun.

 Muscled, steely dark clouds sweeping the sky;
a stand of  dark trees shot through with looming shadows.

The sun dazzling on a stretch of  water.

A view of the land swept up in the shadows of the late afternoon;
a swath of fiery orange at sunset; 

….buried your nose in the heavenly scent of a Rose?

Festina lente;  Hurry slowly;   Titania

©Text/Photo Ts

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Salve sis;


Create your own sunshine when it is raining;  Titania     

Salve sis;  May you be well; 

©Photo/Text Ts

Monday, July 23, 2012

Vivera vita;

Thyme/my garden;

When you lose enthusiasm, you have lost your life. Titania

Vivera vita;  Live Life; Titania

©Text/Photo Titania

Saturday, July 21, 2012


Camellia japonica Hana Fuki; Photo my garden;

Imagine if the world were perfect
Imagine if we all could live in harmony
Imagine if the trillions of money spend on wars would be spend wisely,  in a positive way to keep the boat we all are sitting in, afloat  in  a good and healthy condition.
Imagine a world without military
Imagine a world without Nuclear weapons
Imagine a world without weapons factories
Imagine a world in peace.

I have hoped. 

© Text/Photo Titania

Friday, July 13, 2012

Semper ad meliora;

Melaleuca Quinquenervia;  

This wonderful tree 
a poem of silvery white brushes sigh with heaviness of dew and scent;
wooed by tiny butterflies,
beguiles and bewitches  in July.

The topic civilization left me sad, helpless and utterly depressed. I  tell myself again and again not to bother with  topics which are out of reach of betterment.  Good or bad civilization  is part of  evolution of mankind.   My inner self  like a conviction always finds itself in deep water, trying for betterment, I  know and see is futile. 

Trees like this, natures beautiful optimism push away the ugly sides of  our evolution.

Semper ad meliora
Always towards better things.

©Ts Text/Photo

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Urbes constituit aetas, hora dissolvit;

Civilization...digging for opal;

The great lie about being civilized;
What has been introduced as civilisation has been in fact the  destruction of nature.

We are not yet civilized,  humans  are still a bloodthirsty mob as ever! There is nothing civilized about how nature is treated, it is fracked and abused. 
There is nothing civilized about how animals are treated. No, in the truest sense we are not civilized at all, we just think we are.

In my utopian optimism I see true civilization ,  kindness towards each other, kindness to all living things on earth. 

I appreciate people who endure hardship to try to make it better for others, for the planet. 
Unfortunately the planet does not care because it will always be there even if we destroy ourselves with or without civilization. 

We are all sitting in the same boat; is the boat full? Can the planet cope with more civilisation?

urbes constituit aetas, hora dissolvit
Ages erect cities, one hour destroys them.

©Photo/Text Titania

Thursday, July 5, 2012

A bene placito,

Generosity should be easy. It is wonderful  to give. 
I love to give little presents, be it a small pot of herbs,  a best chocolate for a sweet tooth;
cuttings from my garden to other garden enthusiasts;  a little special picked up somewhere for somebody loved.  Giving is the best thing in ones life.  A tip  for a coffee to the hairdresser who has done an excellent 
job; a carton of beer at Christmas  to the postie who brings up the mail and the parcels;
Giving is easy! Meanness is ugly.

A bene placito - At one's pleasure

©Titania  Photo  from my garden.