Thursday, August 2, 2012

Natura non contristatur;

 Photo/ my garden/ Tibouchina Noelle;

The natural world is not sentimental or compassionate. 
May come any natural disaster, tsunamis, earthquakes,  eruption of volcanoes a new Ice age, global warming, anything, nature will recover in time and continue as it has always done.  After a Nuclear war, as we are always playing with fire, we might be gone, but nature will continue in its own way and repair itself in time. Nature is not looking out for us and we as tiny beings think we have to look out for nature.  We are not able to control ourselves how do we assume to control nature. How arrogant we are to assume nature needs us!  We who mainly destroy, and then we come up with little band aids and want to make it better.
 It is like we, the arrogant ones have forgotten that we are just a tiny part of evolution. ©Titania

Natura non contristatur; Nature is not saddened

©Text/Photo Ts

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