Monday, May 27, 2013

Non est vivere sed valere vita est;

Light and darkness are kin,
Life focuses on both.
A maze of shades from darkness to light
Equal in human existence,
Reveal  and ease  the burden of why and how. Ts

Non est vivere sed valere vita est;  Life means more than just being alive. 

©Photo, early morning in the garden; Text  Ts

Sunday, May 12, 2013

O tempora! O mores!

Valanga irregularis; my garden;

Humans have put themselves on a pedestal. Humans are unbelievably arrogant and hypocritical beings. 
 Humans cause every other living being immense damage and show no respect at all. 
 Damage and destroy each other with wars, killing, maiming, take callously advantage of the weaker.
 Lying about everything  not suited into  humans thinking of their own grand’ness and goodness. Humans can turn atrocities into goodness with a silver tongue.
Humans had the ultimate, brilliant idea to harness gods to sanction or forgive their ugly deeds. Humans  have  invented an eternal life for  themselves. Fortunately nature is kind and treats all the same, ones their greatness on earth has expired. Some may lay in marble sarcophagus clad in robes of gold, some may be thrown into mass graves, in the end nothing changes the make up of the atoms they all will integrate again, crown or no crown, nature does not care for humans alleged greatness. When we are dead we have ceased to live, nature has been much, much cleverer then we are; despite our knowledge, our meddlings,  and the grand medals we give ourselves for our exceptionalism. Ts

O tempora! O mores! 
Oh, what times we live in! Oh, what morals!

©Photo/Text Ts