Monday, July 22, 2013

Qui scribit bis legit.

A book is a good friend. 
Let’s you  relax,  in its wondrous world of words. 
 Pushes away the mundane. 
Like a  secret garden 
 it conjures up memories, long forgotten, 
images of escape.
Tender longings for sweet summer days, 
 white out winter’s, stormy nights; 
 forgotten words  in subtle harmony find their way into your inner self. Ts

Qui scribit bis legit.  He who writes reads twice.

© Ts
Photo/ Yellow Brugmansia my garden/ Text


  1. Ah, the beauty of a book, hard in your hands, the cover worn, the pages often turned, a comfort, an old and dear friend, a joy, an escape . . . there is nothing like it.

  2. I completely agree! I just read The Knot, about Henry Lyte who has translated the first Herbals into the English Language, for all whom love gardens and plants. It is beautifully written by Jane Borodale. Now, I am reading The Bookman's Tale by Charlie Lovett, for all bibliophiles!
    Good to hear from you, Arija.

  3. True words but that is a gorgeous bloom!

  4. anyjazz, thank you for your comment. Yes, those are the ballerinas in my garden. To see the tree,its gorgeous bells swaying slightly in the wind is magic.