Saturday, August 17, 2013

Pecunia emere non felicitatem;

The  secret  of true happiness, does it exist?
You  can not pursue happiness by surrounding yourself with many and always new material things. Happiness is fickle it wants to be fed with the right food. A new gold watch, is beautiful and might feed your happiness for a week, or perhaps longer, certainly you will be pleased and think this is happiness. When the newness wears off, as it happens with all material treasures, as nice as they are,  your happiness starts to wane and whine for new stuff.  What ever you buy to satisfy your happiness will work only short-term then your feelings will return, perhaps just to pleasant satisfaction. The secret of happiness is buried deep inside you and you have to look around you and see and feel and saviour the smallest offerings of nature. Pick up a stone and hold it in your hand and wonder about it…pick a leaf or a flower and wonder about it, look around you and find the smallest of wonders and one’s you have mastered to look and see and feel, you are one step closer to happiness. You will feel it in your inner self, a calmness, pleasure in the smallest things, when you look up to the sky you will be enchanted by its changing colours, and the heavenly muddle of clouds. A shimmering intensity of  early morning, pale light, gauzy grasses  still wet with dew. Enjoy the everyday small pleasures, don’t hurry to the gaming table of envy and pursuit of goals which are gone tomorrow and leave you empty inside and out. Your life is full of pleasure and happiness if you take the time to find it. Nature is  wonderful with its free gifts to true happiness. Ts

Pecunia emere non felicitatem;  Money does not buy happiness.

©Photo my garden/Text Ts

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