Monday, June 13, 2016

Arte perire sua.

Earth our home for a very short time in the matter of things.

Sunset in the Currumbin Valley;

Scientists have calculated that Earth is 4.54 billion years old, with an error range of 50 million years. 
It took 4 and a half Billion years  before single cell life appeared. 

Man dabbles and makes changes in nature. He has created a hell on earth for animals, poisons crop, seeds clouds,  makes a hell of a mess in the atmosphere, changes and poisons the food we eat, overeats, over medicates, creates wars, kills for profit and creates unimaginable weapons to destroy himself. 
Yet some, a hand full in this throng of humanity show their intrinsic humanity called  love and care, try to save what there is still to save.  

Arte perire sua. To perish by one's own creation.

© Photo/Text Ts Titania's Pellucidity.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Bono malum superate;

The debate is about whether or not,  enough people on this planet are sick of wars and  violence  and want to stop  these arranged  human conflicts. The west has opened its Pandora's box and it seems it can not contain the evil it has let lose on other Nations. Instead of bringing understanding and love it has brought and brings a blood bath to these nations.
Looking back as far as we are able to, wars and violence have been part of humans. Perhaps we are not made to be peaceful, perhaps when we evolved   this part of our brain has been neglected. This other part of human nature is and has been used and abused by Rulers and Politicians, by Multinationals, Conglomerates and  the World Bank; the whole caboodle of evil,  in their the pursuit and theft of  Natural resources.  A few want to rule a global world  and to do this they walk over the dead. The western Democracy has been sacked, Politician are brainwashed and use the same bullhorn for their lies. 
 What a terrible mess has globalization achieved until now! 
What sort of game and tune are the globalists playing?  Is it an Opera called  "Disaster"?

Bono malum superate - Overcome evil with good

Photo mygarden; flowering Alexandria Palm;

© Titania's Pellucidity.