Thursday, July 12, 2012

Urbes constituit aetas, hora dissolvit;

Civilization...digging for opal;

The great lie about being civilized;
What has been introduced as civilisation has been in fact the  destruction of nature.

We are not yet civilized,  humans  are still a bloodthirsty mob as ever! There is nothing civilized about how nature is treated, it is fracked and abused. 
There is nothing civilized about how animals are treated. No, in the truest sense we are not civilized at all, we just think we are.

In my utopian optimism I see true civilization ,  kindness towards each other, kindness to all living things on earth. 

I appreciate people who endure hardship to try to make it better for others, for the planet. 
Unfortunately the planet does not care because it will always be there even if we destroy ourselves with or without civilization. 

We are all sitting in the same boat; is the boat full? Can the planet cope with more civilisation?

urbes constituit aetas, hora dissolvit
Ages erect cities, one hour destroys them.

©Photo/Text Titania

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